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Community maintained firmware, configurations & documentation for the Draken 3D Printer.

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For official Draken product details, documentation and support, please visit


This directory contains the source code for the Draken controller. It is intended to be uploaded as an Arduino sketch, using the 1.5.8 version of the Arduino IDE, with support added for the STM32F103XX cortex-m3 arm cpu. See for the files and instructions on how to add this support to an existing Arduino IDE install.


The Draken has 8 projector mounting positions, each coorelating to a different X,Y resolution setting. So this essentially results in 8 different "printers" in the CWH configuration system.

Below are the 8 different resolutions currently configured, mapped to the projector mounting slot, where 1 == top most, and 8 == bottom most.

Postion XY Resolution
1 37µm
2 43µm
3 50µm
4 61µm
5 70µm
6 75µm
7 82µm
8 90µm

Currently, all the *.slicing files are identical, as there is a bug in CWH that will only open a *.slicing file that matches the *.machine name specified in the *.printer file.

When this bug is fixed (CWH issue #46:, then we should be able to revert to using a single *.slicing file.